Our Mission

NephroNet is an organization dedicated to providing resources to patients, practicing clinicians, and all individuals that are concerned with improving the care of patients with kidney disease. For patients, our goal is to be an educational resource that provides practical information to patients and their families. We endorse and are motivated as an organization to improve minority participation in CKD clinical research. We believe that by improving patient education of their disease, they will be better equipped to work with their physicians.

The NephroNet membership is composed of both academic and private physicians that work closely with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), American Society Nephrology, as well as large and small healthcare companies that are motivated to treat chronic kidney disease. The NephroNet membership has experts in all areas of kidney disease and is available for consultation that will ultimately bring new therapies to the renal community.

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2018 NephroNet Nephrology Update

The NephroNet leadership held the first annual NephroNet Nephrology Update Meeting at the Four Seasons Hotel July 27th-29th,  2018 in Mid-Town Atlanta, Georgia. The conference focused on the latest updates in the treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease Glomerular Disease and featured many of the country’s top glomerular lecturers including Gerry Appel, MD,  Dick Glassock, MD and Fernando Fervenza, MD.

The objective was to facilitate collaboration between practicing physicians, clinical trial professionals and industry. The conference was designed for each session to be highly interactive, including extended Q/A sessions to maximize learnings. In addition, NephroNet will provide 12 accredited CME hours.

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What Physician Attendees Said

“Best conference I’ve attended in the past 2 years.”

“Excellent Conference!  Time allowed for plenty of discussions.”

“Should be held every year.”

“Spectacular conference.  I’m going to tell my colleagues to attend in 2019.”


Understanding your options is the biggest hurdle. Learning more about your kidney condition is the first step.


Looking for help from a leading expert? Or want assistance writing your trial protocol? NephroNet is dedicated to provide resources to serve you and your patients.

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Our team of experts provides you with the required scientific, therapeutic, and regulatory expertise to design studies for new drugs for the treatment of chronic kidney disease.

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