2018 NephroNet Conference

By Dr. James Tumlin

Atlanta Piedmont Park

NephroNet will hold our 1st Biennial NephroNet Nephrology Update Conference, scheduled for July 27 - 29, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia.  Nephrology thought leaders from around the United States will convene for a three-day meeting that will challenge all participants to examine their current treatment practices through the lens of cutting edge information gleaned from the latest clinical trials.

This conference will be focused on creating a unique venue for sharing information with practitioners (physicians, advanced care nurses, nurses and clinical trial professionals) regarding the newest CKD therapies and studies resulting from NephroNet facilitated and other cutting edge clinical trials. 

The conference will

  1. Ensure that practitioners treating CKD patients have access to the latest information to support disease specific treatment decisions
  2. Increase effectiveness of CKD patient treatment through dissemination of latest therapies and recommendations
  3. Facilitate a networking and information sharing opportunity between practitioners and experts in the CKD field
  4. Create an ongoing venue for information dissemination and exchange to support advancement of treatment protocols and therapies all aimed at improving patients’ lives

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