Advancing the Care of Chronic Kidney Disease through Collaboration

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    Have CKD? You Need to Understand This Function

    Your doctor tells you that you have chronic kidney disease, meaning they are not filtering waste and water out of your blood. Learn more about the important measure of your kidney function called GFR. 

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    2018 NephroNet Conference

    NephroNet is in the preliminary planning stage of the 1st Biennial NephroNet Nephrology Update Conference, scheduled for July 27-29, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia.

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    Stages of Chronic Kidney Disease

    CKD stages progress from Stage 1, which is associated with some kidney damage and a normal or minimally decreased GFR, to Stage 5, which is associated with renal failure and a dramatically decreased GFR.

What is the NephroNet Mission?

NephroNet is an organization dedicated to providing resources to patients, practicing clinicians, and all individuals that are concerned with improving the care of patients with kidney disease. For patients, our goal is to be an educational resource that provides practical information to patients and their families. We endorse and are motivated as an organization to improve minority participation in CKD clinical research. We believe that by improving patient education of their disease, they will be better equipped to work with their physicians.

The NephroNet membership is composed of both academic and private physicians that work closely with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), American Society Nephrology, as well as large and small healthcare companies that are motivated to treat chronic kidney disease. The NephroNet membership has experts in all areas of kidney disease and is available for consultation that will ultimately bring new therapies to the renal community.  


Understanding your options is the biggest hurdle. Learning more about your kidney condition is the first step.


Looking for help from a leading expert? Or want assistance writing your trial protocol? NephroNet is dedicated to provide resources to serve you and your patients.

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Our team of experts provides you with the required scientific, therapeutic, and regulatory expertise to design studies for new drugs for the treatment of chronic kidney disease.

FSGS Lecture

Watch Dr. James Tumlin's lecture on Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis at the University of Tennessee's College of Medicine. Find this video useful? Please sign up for our mailing list for future lectures! 

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NephroNet is proud to unveil our brand new website! We made a substantial upgrade my previous website and hope that this new website will be informative and beneficial to patients, physicians, partners and others that are a part of the Nephrology community.

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